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4 ways to network as a creative (even when social distancing)

During these troubled times, it is still possible to continue finding ways to network as a creative. The scope of your meetups will be different, and where you have it may also change significantly. However, it is possible to create meaningful connections, even though you can’t always meet someone else in person.

#1. Build up your digital presence

Honestly, networking while social distancing might be even better than it was before. Everyone is sitting at home in front of a communication tool: their phone! Build up your digital presence, be it Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and start reaching out. 

#2. Virtual coworking

FaceTime, Google Meet and Zoom meetings are the new networking norm. There are many new companies hosting virtual meetings and coworking sessions online. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other creatives that you may never have met or even have thought to reach out to! If you’re feeling inspired, you could even create a virtual networking meeting yourself! (My favourite co-working crew is the Cool Wow Collective.)

#3. Check-in with the people you already know

You are still able to connect by rekindling relationships with people we know currently and the people we have in our network now.

Reach out to old clients and simply say, “I know things are chaotic” and ask how you can support them.

#4. Join groups

Facebook and LinkedIn are overflowing with professional groups. There are several freelancer groups on Facebook. Make the effort to chime in when you have something worthwhile saying, or can provide some helpful advice.

Despite the temporary sacrifices we’re all having to make, quality networking opportunities don’t necessarily have to be yet another casualty of social distancing. As the examples above have shown, maintaining great relationships doesn’t require being in a person’s physical presence.

We have an amazing range of tools to facilitate interactions and show our friends, family and business contacts that we care about them. We just have to use them.

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