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Ignite your passion for web design!

Take action towards designing stunning and profitable websites for you and your clients without the overwhelm, self-doubt, or tech nightmares.

March 6th-10th 2023.

"Kate is an excellent teacher and is skilled at explaining things to both experienced and non-experienced designers."


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Inside this FREE challenge you'll learn web design fundamentals, PLUS:

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Hey, I'm Kate!

I’m a founder, web design/development and branding expert, and web dev mentor who is passionate about empowering other ambitious entrepreneurs with the skills, strategies, and tools to build thriving businesses of their own.

I’ve sharpened and refined my creative process over my 16+ years in the design industry to elevate the online presence of my client’s websites so that they connect, convert, and—most importantly—make profits!

I teach designers, business owners, and online entrepreneurs how to design, build, and launch custom websites so they can create abundance and freedom in their own brands without the overwhelm, self-doubt, or tech nightmares.

And the best part? It’s a fun process that nurtures creativity because the tools and technology are now built for even the most technophobic among us through an accessible visual experience.

What's included?

Inside this FREE challenge you will get:

How It Works

Flex your design skills and create a passion project for your folio while learning the foundational steps of web design.


Moodboarding & Design Inspiration

Monday 6th March

We’ll kick off the challenge with a passion-project design brief and start at the foundational phase of the creative process: moodboarding and gathering design inspiration.

This phase sets you up for success by establishing a clear creative direction for your homepage design, weaving in your own creative flair and aesthetic, so that the end result is a passion-project piece you’re proud to add to your portfolio.



Design Assets & Content Gathering

Tuesday 7th March

Content is king when it comes to web design! Without the complete suite of brand elements, images, and copy it makes it tricky to design an authentic and aligned website.

This module will provide you with an overview of the essential assets required to design an effective website and how to easily create them yourself for passion-projects. (And yes, I’ll be providing free templates!)

I’ll also share some of my favourite tools and resources that help streamline content-gathering for web projects (the exact ones I use for client projects) to ensure you have everything you need for the design phase.



Web Design Style Guide

Wednesday 8th March

Having a cohesive web design style guide to anchor your design is an essential tool for maintaining consistency—and an amazing time-saving asset to present to your future clients to help them see the overall vision and get on the same page before commencing the actual design.

In this lesson you will be provided with a web design style guide template to populate your assets and define key creative elements within your design. (Think heading and button styles, font hierarchy and colours.)

It’s a fun, integral step and handy visual tool for establishing the essential design elements that will be used throughout your passion-project’s Homepage design.



Homepage Design

Thursday 9th March

This is where all of your discovery work pays off and you get to flex your creative skills!

The Homepage of a website is the core page that captivates and engages your audience as well as sets the tone for the rest of the web design.

I’ll show you the anatomy of an effective Homepage as well as some expert tips & tricks to help you create a layout and overall design that is primed to connect and convert.

(And yes, I’ll share another template to help simplify the process for you!)



Portfolio Mockup & Social Assets

Friday 10th March

By the last day of the challenge you will have learnt the basic fundamentals and creative process of web design to create your very own passion-project brand and Homepage design. Go you web designer in the making! 

But we want to wrap things up on a high note, yeah?

Passion-projects are one of the most effective ways to define your unique creative style, flex your creative skills, and start attracting dream clients. (The kind that light you up!)

We’ll utilise the power of repurposing designs (a successful entrepreneurs best kept secret) to showcase your new skills by creating portfolio and social media ready graphics and assets that you can start using today.

(And yes, more free templates!)


"Thanks for sharing your knowledge. The content was super valuable, fun and engaging!"

- JOSIMARA HOFFMANN, past student


You’re probably thinking that getting all of the inclusions of the 5-day challenge for free is too good to be true?

The short answer: it really is 100% free! And there is zero obligation to take it any further than having fun, learning some new skills, picking up a few tips & tricks, creating a passion-project piece, and making some new creative connections along the way.

The slightly longer answer: I am an advocate for transparency in business and ethical marketing so at the end of the challenge I will be opening the doors to my paid 6-week signature course, Build Abundance with WordPress, for those of you who are interested in taking your web design journey further.

You may also find that web design is not for you so this free mini challenge is designed to give you an introduction into the tools, strategies, and creative process so that you can make an informed decision before making an investment in your business. Win/win!

It would be impossible to teach you the complete fundamentals and process of web design & development in 5 days so my 6-week program picks up where we finish up. It will empower you to not only design, build, and launch custom WordPress websites but also provide you with the backend systems to you need to build a successful web design business and fast track your way to creating abundance for your brand. 

This challenge has been designed to be accessible and fun for even the most technophobic among us.

Website tools and technology have evolved so much over the years that they’re now designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

If you can use social media platforms, you can certainly participate in this creative challenge!

Plus, a lot of the tools and programs used to design websites these days are the exact ones that you might already be familiar with. (I.e. Adobe Creative Suite and/or Canva.)

I get it. Wearing all of the hats in your business, trying to find your feet as an entrepreneur, or simply juggling the demands of life can be tricky and time-consuming.

I’ve created this challenge to be easily-digestible and immediately actionable within as little as 30-minutes each day. 

We will also have daily live Q&A calls (30-60 minutes) which you’ll be able to rewatch after hours within the private Facebook community if you’re unable to attend live.

The challenge has been designed to actually help you save time by providing an introduction into web design so you can decide if it’s a passion or business you want to pursue.

No, you don’t have to be a designer or have prior web design knowledge or experience to participate in this challenge.

My students in the past have been a mix of designers, curious entrepreneurs, and online business owners who simply want to learn how to use their websites better to make a bigger impact with their online presence.

I’ve created the challenge content to be easily digestible and accessible for everyone and I’ll provide handy templates, resources, tips and tricks along the way to make the process even easier.

Not at all! The modules will be pre-recorded and emailed to you daily to watch and take action in your own time. 

If you can’t make the live Q&A’s they will be recorded so you’ll be able to rewatch them in your own time within the private Facebook community.

And if you have a question you’d like answered but can’t make the call, simply post it within the question thread in the Facebook group. 

There will be advantages of engaging and participating daily, however. Such as keeping your inspiration and creative momentum lit and being in the draw to win the daily prizes. 

Ready to ignite your creative passion and start learning how to design websites in the most efficient & profitable way?

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ignite your passion for web design

Web Design Challenge

Take action towards designing stunning and profitable websites for you and your clients without the overwhelm, self-doubt, or tech nightmares.