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Check your inbox for your confirmation emails and complete the questionnaire at your earliest convenience so I can start to prepare to make the most out of your VIP Design Day.

Write your wish list of tasks and desired deliverables that you would like accomplished on your VIP Design Day*.
(In order or priority.)

Gather all of the content relevant to your task(s) that I will require to make your design day as successful as possible. (Think copy, images, links, passwords to relevant accounts, etc.)

Schedule your 30-minute strategy call for two days prior to your VIP Design Day and be sure to block out space in your schedule so you're available on the day for feedback and revisions.

*Although we can accomplish a lot in a day, depending on the number of tasks and volume of content, an additional half or full day may be required.
This will be discussed on your strategy call prior to your scheduled VIP Design Day.

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Reach out to if you have any questions you’d like answered prior to your strategy call and VIP Design Day.

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